Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Must-Have Accessories

I like to keep things simple.  I don’t have all of the latest baby gear, just the basic essentials.  I have the same approach to cloth diapering.  I do like to try new brands and styles, but I usually end up coming back to the tried and true diapers that I started out with.  There are, however, a few accessories that have made my cloth diapering journey so much easier.  I would like to share with you my list of cloth diapering “must-have” accessories!

:: Diaper Sprayer ::
Kudos to those of you who do this diaper thing without a sprayer…I don’t understand, and I don’t want to experience it!  Hands down, this is the best investment we have made outside of our diapers.

:: Wet Bag ::
Invest in a good wet bag.  It will be invaluable to you for containing 3BagBrochure600odors and messes.  I have several sizes and brands in my stash.  I keep one hanging in the bathroom for the sprayed-off diapers.  (Our bathroom is down the hall from the nursery).  I keep one in the diaper bag.  I travel with one.  I am on my second set of Planet Wise wet bags – not because of poor quality, but because of frequency of use!

:: Octopus :: pressa-hanging-dryer-with--clothes-clips-assorted-colors__0106889_PE256270_S4
My “octopus” was given to me as a baby gift.  I had no intention of using it for cloth diapers, but now I would be lost without it!  This one was purchased at Ikea.  I think anything similar – a hanger with a lot of clips – would work.  I hang my pockets from it to dry (PUL lasts longer if you don’t put it in the dryer).  I hang baby socks from it.  I hang wipes from it.  I really should have 2 or 3, but I just have one!

:: Clothesline :: Clothesline diaper header
I really wanted a clothesline when I started cloth diapering, but I didn’t have one.  With some creativity you can still sun your diapers, even without a clothesline.  (See my post here for ideas).  However, if it is possible, a clothesline will be a great investment.  Your diapers will get the bleaching, antiseptic benefits of sunshine, and your wallet will feel relief from the electricity or gas bills that power your dryer!

:: Stay-Dry Liners :: washable_liners_front
While cloth diapered babies are less prone to diaper rash (or so it seems), every baby gets rashes.  My daughter gets them when she is teething.  If you are going to use a cream, whether promoted as cloth-safe, store bought, or prescription, you want to protect your diapers and your warranties by using stay-dry liners.  These are also priceless for using with prefolds and covers.  You can cloth diaper the economical way, and yet give your baby the feel and benefits of a pocket diaper.  (See more here).

:: Variety of Inserts :: 6r_soaker
There is a different diaper for every situation.  Your diapers become so much more versatile by changing up your inserts.  I use microfiber by day and hemp by night.  Different fibers boast different benefits and absorbencies.  Stock your stash with some variety and you will be set, no matter what the situation!  Read more about fiber options here.


What are your cloth diapering must-haves?  I try to keep things simple around here, but I’m sure there are some things that I have overlooked.  Leave me a comment and share your insight!

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