Monday, April 11, 2011

Raising Cloth Diaper Awareness, Little by Little

Little League ParadeYesterday my family attended the Little League Parade in Brooklyn, NY.  This is a “small” local event, yet it was a decent sized parade.  The little sluggers all marched through Park Slope, Brooklyn and ended at Prospect Park where the Little League Season was officially opened with a ceremonial first pitch.

Little League ParadeElaine is only 17 months, so we didn’t attend because we have a Little Leaguer (though my husband would *LOVE* that!).  We went to pass out brochures about the benefits of cloth diapers!

I developed a brochure that shares five main reasons why cloth diapers should be considered as an option.  It gives basic information and introduces the reader to the modern cloth diaper.  Too many times I think that people are turned off when they hear “cloth diaper” because they immediately picture our grandmothers’ style of cloth diapers.

Since the Little League parade was a family event, many of the ball players have younger siblings.  Everyone was out together to celebrate the opening of Little League season.  It was a beautiful day, and maybe now some of them are more educated about the benefits of modern cloth diapering!

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