Friday, November 12, 2010

Sorry I’ve been absent…

I’m been a little remiss in my blogging here.  We had family in town to celebrate my daughter’s first birthday!  She wore her Gumball Rumparooz to the party (Ben’s favorite diaper), and it is now affectionately called “The Party Diaper!”

Elaine's 1st BirthdayA little shy at first…

Elaine's 1st Birthday…not so shy anymore!  I was concerned about the frosting staining her diaper, but it rinsed out fine.  We found another great use for our diaper sprayer – washing away cake and frosting!

There are a few changes to note at Doable Diapers…

1.  FuzziBunz should be restocked completely (with the exception of Dreamsicle) next week.  I am looking forward to putting inventory woes behind me.  This is definitely our most popular diaper!

2.  Rumparooz now comes with the choice of either microfiber insert or hemp insert.  You can upgrade to the hemp insert for just $2.00.  This is a really great choice for several reasons.  First, it is a natural fiber for those of you who have this preference.  Second, it is a very “thirsty” insert for those of you with heavy wetters.  Third, it is very trim and makes a fabulous overnight insert.  We are in the process of switching to Rumparooz Hemp for our exclusive nighttime diaper.

3.  There are a bunch of new products arriving soon and being released soon. 

We are looking forward to the arrival of Rockin’ Green Funk Rock – a super ammonia buster.  I can’t wait to put this product to work!

The FuzziBunz hemp diapers, and hemp inserts should be arriving in a couple of weeks.

Rumparooz is putting the final touches on their wet bags and pail liners.  These products are made from the same fabulous waterproof TPU that you find in the Rumaprooz diapers, and they are available in every color and print!

4. I am putting the final touches on our Black Friday sale, so be sure to check back here on the blog for more details.  We have several products to feature, as well as a bunch of freebies to be had!


Katie Adams said...

She is so cute! I have to admit....I would cry if Colin had on a RaR diaper while eating cake! LOL! I am obsessed with those diapers and just couldn't handle a stain. I finally got the new robotronic w/ hemp insert washed! I've been slack on getting it washed. :)

Ran the insert thru about 4 times so hope it's ready to go. It is a lot trimmer than the microfiber insert, so that's awesome. Can't wait to see how it holds up to my super soaker, especially at night.

I should be in bed since I was at the consignment sale Friday and then again on Saturday....but I had some stuff to finish. Glad I came to visit you before bed! She is just precious!


Grace Matthews said...

She is a cutie!

Fellow Blog Hopper:)

April said...

thanks for linking up with the Military Monday blog hop! i'm happy to follow your blog back, see you next week!


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