Friday, November 5, 2010

Happy First Birthday to my Elaine!


Birth of Elaine Cristin HamiltonOne year ago today I checked into the hospital around 3:30 p.m.  I looked like this (left).  At 9:54 p.m. we found out that our baby was a girl when she was born by c-section (below).

Birth of Elaine Cristin Hamilton

It was past midnight before I got to hold my baby for the first time!

Birth of Elaine Cristin Hamilton

Three days later we came home together:

Elaine Day 3


On November 5, 2009 I added the title mommy to my name.  It has been an amazing and wonderful journey.  From her first bath, to eating carrots, to learning how to hold her head up and sit alone. Then she got some teeth and learned how to crawl.  Now she is a walking, jabbering, bundle of energy. There were sleepless teething nights, but there were also giggles and the pleasure of her smile.  I just think she is so cute!

First Bath – Uncle Evan’s dimple!

Elaine 11 Weeks Home Portraits 4x6
Three months old

Elaine 23 Weeks first Carrots
First carrots!

Elaine 24 Weeks Toilet Paper Pictures
Six months old

Elaine 6 month portraits
Six months old

Danielle Visits NYC - Statue of Liberty and NYC Skyline
Nine months old

Elaine 9 months in FuzziBunz One Size
Nine months old

Elaine 10 months washing dishes
Ten months old – first time helping with the dishes

Everyone seems to notice her eyes first.  I never get tired of hearing them comment, “Look at those eyes!” because I get to reply, “They are like her daddy’s eyes.”  She has an adventuresome spirit like Ben, too.  I think she will be petite like her Grandma Hamilton, but she definitely has Grandpa Godby’s strong lungs & voice!  Every day I get to stay home and take care of Elaine.  We have so much fun together!  I cannot believe she is a year old – has it really been that long since she came home with us?  I can’t wait to see what the future holds for her little life, and how God will use her in His plan!

Apple Picking11 months old

Reading her birthday cards (12 months)

No – this picture is not a pose.  Uncle Evan sent a very cool music birthday card that plays the Tigger Song, and Elaine was mesmerized!

Happy 1st Birthday to my Elaine Cristin Hamilton!

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How adorable! My son just turned one last weekend too:) I am your newest follower for the blog hop! You can find me at

CHeck out my giveaways when you come by. EVerything is handmade and gorgeous and would be adorable on your little girl:)

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