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The Doable Details: Rumparooz G2 One-Size Diaper


RumparoozG2OneSizeDiaper6RInsert_0001The Rumparooz G2 One-Size diaper is a fabulous diaper made by Kanga Care.  This diaper boasts several unique features, and it is one of my favorite diapers.

Double Gussets

One of the best features of the Rumparooz One-Size diaper is the double leg gussets.  One set of inner gussets and one set of outer gussets take the guess work out of preventing  leaks.  I have tested these diapers in many situationsRumparoozG2OneSizeDiaper6RInsert_0004 and have never yet had a leak!  The inner gussets create a “Poop Scoop” in a patent-pending design that holds all poo right where it belongs.


This amazing diaper fits from 6-25+ pounds.  Rows of snaps down the front allow this diaper to grow with your baby.  It is the only diaper on the market that boasts to fit a newborn as small as six pounds.  Most one-size diapers have three size settings, but the Rumparooz has four settings. 

RumparoozG2OneSizeDiaper6RInsert_0007Newborn – Small – Medium – Large.  Rumparooz grows with your baby! 

Closure & Fabric

The Rumparooz diapers come in your choice of snaps or Aplix closures.  I really RumparoozG2OneSizeDiaper6RInsert_0003like that the snap diapers have two vertical snaps.  I feel like this gives a better fit than the single row of snaps, or overlapping waist snaps.

Rumparooz have a PUL outer shell which is waterproof to guard against leaks.  The inner lining is made of microchamois which prevents snagging if you use Aplix closures.  This keeps your diaper looking fabulous for longer!

6R Soaker

One of my favorite parts of the Rumparooz diaper is the 6R soaker.  This insert has six different settings to allow you to get the perfect fit and customizable absorption that you need!  There is a newborn insert which is trimmer betweenRumparoozG2OneSizeDiaper6RInsert_0002 the legs to cut down on the bulk for those little babies.  The main insert can be snapped to two different sizes.  You can also attach the newborn insert to the main insert.  There is one setting for girls, and one for boys, depending on the wetting zone. Using both inserts together increases the absorbency.

I use the Rumparooz One-Size diaper for overnights on my nine month old daughter.  I just add the newborn insert to my 6R soaker, and Elaine is good to go.  I have never had leaks and Elaine sleeps for 10-12 hours each night! 

Care Instructions

Caring for the Rumparooz One-Size diaper is simple!  Remove the insert prior to  washing.  Just run a cold rinse first (as you would for most diapers) to rinse out the urine and wash away any remaining poo.  Then run a hot wash with detergent.  Finish with a cold rinse.  It is recommended that you line dry the pocket portion so that the PUL lasts longer.  The inserts are microfiber and can be line dried or put in the dryer.RumparoozG2OneSizeDiaper6RInsert_0005

More Options

The Rumparooz G2 comes in six prints and 12 vibrant colors.  There is sure to be a color for you! 

The price tag may be a little bit of a turn off to some people.  I know I had sticker shock when I first looked into these diapers!  However, let me assure you that this diaper is worth every cent!  It is versatile, functional, and one-size.  You can use it from birth to potty training and for multiple children.  It is a great investment!

RumparoozG2OneSizeDiaper6RInsert_0006Besides being functional, isn’t this newborn size just the cutest thing ever?  There are even little kangaroos on the snaps!

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