Monday, March 5, 2012

Mailbox Mondays: Overnight Diapers

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Since the theme for March is overnights and naps, I thought I would answer this Mailbox Monday question from Hannah G.:

What is a good nighttime diaper? I've tried several different ones and each time my baby boy wakes up with his crib sheets and pj's all wet. He's a very heavy wetter!

Along the same lines is a question from Sabrina:

What do you recommend for overnight heavy wetter boys?

Great questions!  I had a lot of leaks when I first brought my son home.  Cloth diapering a boy is a little different than cloth diapering a girl…or so I have discovered!

My favorite night time diaper remains the same for both my daughter and my son.  I have just changed the way I stuff the pocket to use it for my son.  I always recommend the Rumparooz One Size diaper for overnights.  If you have a heavy wetter, us a Hemp or Bamboo 6R insert.  Nolan was fine with just microfiber inserts until about 6 months old.  Now he uses a combination of either hemp or bamboo.

Part of the benefit of the Rumparooz G2 diaper is the versatility of the insert.  You can use it six different ways, so there is surely a setting for everyone.  For nighttime diapering (and even for naps if you have a heavy wetter), use both portions of the insert.

6R Soaker(click image to enlarge)

Nolan doesn’t need the insert unsnapped completely, so we use the medium doubler setting.  But…I stuff the snapped down portion into the pocket opening first, so that there are actually three layers (or “portions”) of insert in the front of the diaper where a boy “aims” his wetness.

This has been sufficient to stop our night time and naptime leaks.  I prefer not to double stuff a bunch of diapers for naptime and then have to keep them set aside until use.  So I have started stuffing all of my diapers with the snap-down portion of the insert (the small/medium setting) in the front of the diaper.  I always grab a Rumparooz for nap time, and I know that he has a double layer of absorbency.

I have 4 inserts for night times – 3 hemp, and 1 bamboo.  We wash every 3-4 days, so this is enough to always have an absorbent insert ready for bed time.  You don’t have to break the bank and purchase a lot of inserts in order to use cloth diapers at night.  It is economical to just purchase a few, and rotate them until wash day.

I have several more tips to share regarding diapering boys, so be sure to check back this week!

What is your “go-to” diaper for naps or nights?  Do you have a heavy wetter?  How do you keep the jammies and sheets dry?  Leave a comment!


simplymerry said...

I used the Rumparooz with both inserts AND a joeybunz for a while until the rise got too low on my chunk. Now he's using Tiny Tush Elite and Baby Kangas (both with two microfiber and one hemp insert).

JoAnna said...

My daughter is a VERY heavy wetter and I have tried a LOT of different diapers for overnight. The only thing that works for us is a Blueberry coverall cover with a CuteyBaby Super soaker and a BumGenius microfiber doubler. The arrangement is not too bulky and keep her clothes dry!

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