Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Burrito Fold: for Boys

As I mentioned yesterday, I have a few tricks and tips to share for night time diapering, especially for boys.  Today I want to introduce “The Burrito Fold.”

When I was struggling to find a leak-proof solution for Nolan, I asked for help from other Rumparooz/Kanga Care retailers.  One mom recommended wrapping the newborn insert around the end of the main insert, similar to a burrito.  This provides either 3 or 4 layers (depending on the setting you choose) of absorption at the front where little boys need it most.  Use a hemp insert for a trimmer fit.

The Burrito Fold jpg

Step by step instructions:

1.  Use both portions of the Rumparooz 6R soaker.  For 4 layers of protection, snap the larger insert down to the small/medium setting.  If you only want/need 3 layers, then do not snap the insert down.  Use the chart below for a reference (click image to enlarge):

6R Soaker

I used the snapped down setting.

The Burrito Fold for nights

2.  Lay the larger insert on top of the newborn/contoured insert so that it covers the bottom portion of the insert.

The Burrito Fold for nights

3.  Fold the top of the newborn/contoured insert down, so that it wraps around the end of the insert like a burrito.

The Burrito Fold for nights

4.  Stuff this portion into the pocket of your diaper first, so that it is at the front of the diaper where the boy needs extra absorbency.

The Burrito Fold for nights

You could really do this fold with any two inserts, or a combination of an insert and a doubler.  I used microfiber inserts for illustration, but it will be quite bulky at the front of your diaper.  You will likely have to adjust the waist setting to compensate. 

Try a microfiber insert with a Hemp Babies doubler wrapped around it, or a hemp 6R soaker, or any combination of microfiber, hemp, and bamboo, or organic cotton.  I think that hemp and organic cotton are the trimmest.


Sarah Hull said...

Thank it a great tip! I will have to try that for my son. Thank you!

Nikki said...

My daughter wets her diapers like a little boy! This is perfect :)

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