Friday, February 24, 2012

Vlog–Pop Up Cloth Wipes

I have previously blogged about how to fold your wipes so that they pop out of a disposable wipes box.  For our cloth wipes theme this month, I thought I would get brave and make a video to demonstrate it!  This is one of my first vlogs, and I don’t have the greatest equipment, but I think you will get the point.  I also had to cut it short at the end because my 8 month old was grabbing the camera! 


Anonymous said...

Great vlog! Thanks for posting that. I have been wondering how to do get wipes to do that lol.

Does it work as well if your wipes are different sizes? I'm guessing not..

Andrea Hamilton said...

@Andrea G -
My wipes vary in size, since most of them are homemade or from different WAHM. I try to stick around 8"x8", but if some are bigger/smaller, it still works. The stack looks a little more uneven, but the wipes still pop out!

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