Monday, February 13, 2012

Wipe Solution Storage

Over the years {okay…it’s only been two and a half years} I have tried many different methods of wetting my wipes, many different wipe solutions, and several methods of storing my solution once it is made.  Here are my thoughts on storing that wipe solution.  This is kind of similar to the dispensing methods, depending on your preference for dry or pre-moistened wipes.  But maybe it will be helpful to someone…

Squeezy Bottle/Peri Bottle
I used to store my wipe solution in an old water bottle with a squeeze PICT0036top.  I just squirt some over the wipes in the box as I need them.  I know some moms save the peri bottle from the hospital and use that to squirt solution over their wipes.  The benefit to this method is that the bottle is small enough to be easily stored near your wipes.  You can get a decent amount of solution out quickly, and you can easily add more solution to your box of wipes if they just don’t seem wet enough.

Spray Bottle
Some people store their solution in a spray bottle and just spray the wipe as needed.  I find that it doesn’t feel very moist, and it doesn’t seem to clean as easily that way.  I’m sure I would use less solution if I did this on a regular basis, though. 

Foaming Bottle
As I mentioned in my post on Friday, I have also used a foaming wipe solution.  This is easy to mix up and stores well in the foaming bottle.  It also lasts a long time!  (We actually make our own foaming soap and baby shampoo, because the foam seems to stretch the soap so it can last longer!).

Pitcher or Other Large Container
Recently, with two kiddos in diapers (for a few months, before one potty trained) I found that I needed more solution.  I didn’t want to be making it every day!  So…I purchased a 1 quart Rubbermaid pitcher.  I just squirt some baby soap in the bottom, fill with warm water, replace the lid, and shake to mix everyhting together.  I store this pitcher near the changing table so I can easily wet a new batch of wipes.  My solution lasts longer, so that I only make a batch about once per week. 

But the downside is that a pitcher can be spilt!  I tend toward being a klutz, and the pitcher was a big temptation for my kiddos.  Many times the carpet in front of the changing table has been doused with wipe solution!

Get Creative!
I know some moms who store the solution in the refrigerator, and some who just mix the solution in the wipe warmer each time it is empty.  There are many possibilities…so get creative (and frugal!) by making and storing your own wipe solution!

How do you store wipe solution?  What is your “recipe” or favorite store-bought solution?  Leave a comment and let us know!

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