Tuesday, February 21, 2012

“Commercial” Wipe Solution

I have mentioned several times that I prefer to make my own wipe solution.  However, some of you may be inclined to purchase solution so that it as other “nutrients” in it.  Or maybe you are just not the DIY type!  I have tried a few different kinds of “commercial” (that is, purchased) wipe solutions.  I didn’t find them to be any more or less effective that what I make at home, but I also did not find them to be cost effective.

Here are some that you may want to try, if you are inclined to purchase your solution.

Soap Bits – a small “bit” or cube of soap that you heat in the microwave, or dissolve, and then dilute to moisten your wipes.  There are many WAHM that make and sell soap bits on Etsy.  I have tried a couple, but I didn’t like the extra step involved of dissolving the soap bit.  It seems to me that I always run out of solution on a poopy diaper, and I need wipes fast!  Purchasing Soap Bits from a WAHM allows you to support another mom, and get great wipe solution at the same time!

  • Wee Essentials on Etsy – I liked these the best of any cubed wipe solution I have tried.  I bought the Goats Milk version, as Elaine may have an allergy to Shea Butter.
  • Happy Vag on Etsy
  • Rumpeez on Etsy

Pre-Made Solution – several cloth diaper manufacturer’s make a pre-mixed wipe solution that you can just spray onto your dry wipe.  I have used the Heiny Wash by Happy Heinys.  I got a sample for free – I don’t think I would spend the money on pre-made mix.  Here are some commercial solutions that I know of:

The alternative is to make your own!  There are many “recipes” out there – but the ingredients are simple.  Some sort of soap – I use baby shampoo.  You could use an organic product.  Water.  Oil if you want – baby oil, olive oil, or jojoba oil.  Essential Oils for scent and antibacterial properties, also optional.

What do you use for your wipe solution?  A “commercial” product?  How do you like it?  Do you make your own?  Share the recipe!”


Danelle said...

I use the bum cleansing mist here: http://www.etsy.com/listing/88547091/cleanse-and-moisturize-mist-for-cloth I think carrying dry wipes and using the spray is much easier to deal with than wet wipes. The solution lasts forever too, so it's easy on the paypal.

Janelle said...

I make my own solution. It's super cheap... Baby oil, baby shampoo, tea tree oil, and water

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