Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Solar Power to the Rescue

Just in case you missed my post here about sunning the stains out of your diapers, I wanted to re-iterate the power of the sun.  Mr. Sunshine has natural bleaching powers, and his ultraviolet rays are a natural antiseptic.  Not only can the sun restore the brilliant white to your diaper linings and inserts, but it can also kill any remaining bacteria.

You may be skeptical…I was at first too.  So I snapped some pictures to bring you the proof of solar power!

These two inserts are stained from my son’s EBF poo.  I took the pictures as I was hanging my freshly washed diapers on the clothesline.  These are two different inserts.

Insert stains sunned out

Insert stains sunned out

Next:  hang/lay your diapers in the sun while damp.  Be sure the stained portion is “facing” the sun.

Insert stains sunned out

The two inserts we are testing are closest to the wet bags on the far left side of the picture.

It was supposed to rain that afternoon, so my diapers only got about five hours in the sunshine.  I should tell you that this was not the sunniest day ever.  It was fairly cloudy in the afternoon.  But your inserts will still get the benefit!  I even read once about someone “sunning” their inserts in the rain.  The result was the same as I achieved. Pictures were taken as I pulled the inserts off the clothesline.

Insert stains sunned out

Voila!  Brilliant white inserts, once again!  Now go and try it for yourself!


Anonymous said...

I too have discovered the power of sun bleaching. However, sometimes even that won't do it. Once my daughter was on solid foods I found that certain things produced permanent (thought light) discoloration of her diapers. Plus, sometimes medications your child may be on for reflux, or antibiotics can produce stains that even the sun won't get out.

Lindsey said...

Just in case you do have those "stubborn" stains, usually not EBF poo, but from solids... you can always add a little mixture of lemon juice and water and spray on your inserts as they're sunning. I've done this on a couple of more stubborn stains and left them out all day and it works!

But the sun is usually all I need to! Isn't it WONDERFUL!?

Shaky Mommy said...

I love the sun for getting stains out! You don't even have to put your diapers outside to reap the benefits...my baby was born in the winter, and I "sunned" his diapers in the dining room window (that got direct sunlight all morning) for a couple of months before it got warm enough to hang them outside.

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