Monday, October 24, 2011

Mailbox Mondays: Flushable Inserts

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Today’s question comes from Julie G.:

“My flushable diaper liners tend to bunch up in the diaper and then they don't really do what they are meant to do :( Do you have any suggestions on if there is a brand that is better than others or that doesn't bunch as much. Or any tips on how to get this to stop happening.”

Good question!  I avoided flushable liners for a long time simply because I didn’t want to pay for something that was disposable.  I still don’t use flushable liners on a regular basis, but I use them for outings and vacations to make clean up a breeze.  Though you can use flushable liners to protect your diapers when a rash cream is necessary, I still prefer to use stay-dry liners for that purpose.

I have experienced some bunching with my flushable liners.  It comes from having an active baby or toddler that moves and wiggles constantly!  However, I have not found that the little bunching prevents the liners from serving it’s purpose.  It still catches most of the “yuckies”, and the minimal amount left behind can be easily rinsed or just tossed in the wet bag/diaper pail.

I have only used one brand of flushable liners: those made by OsoCozy and sold by Doable Diapers.

Here’s how I usually use my liners: 

  1. Fold the liner to be the same width as the diaper, and lay it on top of the diaper lining.
  2. Slide the liner and diaper under the baby’s bum.
  3. Pull just the liner up between baby’s legs and hold securely in place while you pull up the diaper.
  4. Fasten the diaper on the baby.

I have found that putting the liner in place separate from the diaper helps it to stay in place a little better. 

How about you?  Do you use flushable/disposable liners on a regular basis?  Do you experience bunching?  How have you solved it?  Leave a comment and let Julie know your tips for success!

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