Friday, January 21, 2011

Cloth Diapers On the Go

I know several people who use cloth diapers when they are at home, but when it comes to on-the-go outings, they opt for disposables.  There are several reasons why you may not choose to use cloth when you leave the house.  I hope that “it’s too difficult” is not one of them!  Along with the modern cloth diaper come many options to make on-the-go cloth diapering very doable!

What to pack in the diaper bag

Everyone has different preferences when it comes to packing a diaper bag.  But there are a few items that are necessities when it comes to taking cloth diapers outside the house.

:: Diapers (of course!)

You may wonder how many diapers you should pack for an outing.  I am one of those “better safe than sorry” type packers and I always take too many.  Then again, I have never been caught in a “sorry” situation!  However, a good rule of thumb to follow is one diaper for every 2-3 hours that you will be gone.  Then add one more.  This extra diaper is called the “peace diaper” and it is there just to give you peace of mind!

I usually choose pre-stuffed pocket diapers or AIOs for outings.  These are quick and easy to put on the baby.  They don’t require folding, snappis, covers, or any extra steps.  This is especially good if you have to make the change in a germ filled public restroom!

:: Wipes

Whether you opt for cloth or disposable wipes, you need something to get that bum clean!  I pre-moisten my cloth wipes and bring them in a small Planet Wise wet bag.  They are ready to use when the diaper needs changed!  It is especially handy to have pre-moistened wipes in case there is no sink in the location when you have to change the diaper (like in your car).  You could also bring dry cloth wipes and a small spray bottle of wipe solution

:: Changing Pad

I consider this a “must-have” for diaper changes on the go.  Whether it is the car seat, the church nursery, or the public restroom – no one wants to share those germs!  I use a FuzziBunz changing pad.  The fleece side is oh-so-soft on my baby, and the waterproof backing keeps anything from getting through.  If I have used it in a public place, I fold  the waterproof side in so that the germs are not spread to the rest of the items in my diaper bag.  Wash it frequently!

:: Wet Bag

This is also a necessity!  You need something to keep all of the mess and odor contained until you get home.  I prefer a medium Planet Wise wet bag so I have lots of room.  Wet bags can easily be thrown in the wash with dirty diapers and set aside for the next outing.

:: Optional Items

You may choose to bring disposable inserts for a Flip cover, or a Snappi if you are using prefolds.  Depending on your baby, it may be a good idea to keep some cloth diaper-safe rash cream in your bag.  A small bottle of hand sanitizer is also a great idea!

Your diapering supplies may look something like this…


:: Non Diapering Items

I also carry a snack and sippy cup at all times.  I never know how long I will end up being gone or what situation will arise.  Cheerios and a drink will keep Elaine happy almost all of the time!  I have a small cooler bag to keep the drink cold (especially if it is milk).  I have recently discovered Planet Wise reusable food bags and they are perfect for on-the-go snacks!  They are coming soon to Doable Diapers.

You may throw in a rattle or small toy depending on the age of your baby and the type of outing.  Other items include a bib, burp cloth(s), and a change of clothes.  I used to always carry a spare onesie to get me home if there was a tragic accident.  Recently I have opted for a pair of baby legs instead.

I have not yet found a diaper bag that I like.  I couldn’t bring myself to spend $50 on a diaper bag.  But I am planning to buy something for the next baby, especially since I will have two in diapers for a short time.  For now, I just grab one of several shoulder bags that I have at home.  Depending on the length of the outing, I choose a small bag or a large bag.  I always bring a spare diaper – just in case!  Even if I think it is just a quick trip and nothing will happen…well I don’t want to be caught if something does happen!

Your packed bag may look something like this:


You can do it – cloth diapering is easy, even on-the-go!  What item are you sure to pack in your diaper bag?  Do you have any tips for on-the-go diapering?  Leave a comment and share it with other readers!

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