Monday, January 17, 2011

Have you heard of  I was unfamiliar with the website until recently.  It is a parenting website “for a new generation of parents.”  They have a week-by-week pregnancy guide, newborn care guide, and links for toddlers, moms, etc.  It seems like a well put-together site and easy to navigate. 

I was encouraged to discover that has a diapering section that includes the cloth option.  Many main stream sites and organizations do not seem to recognize, mention, or promote the benefits to cloth diapering (though it is slowly beginning to change!).  While also included the disposable option, I thought that they seemed objective in the information they presented.

And for the new parent, who may be overwhelmed with all of the “stuff”, information, and newness that comes along with a baby, there are helpful things like a checklist for the diaper bag or changing table/station.  Check it out – you may find something helpful!

These are the links that included cloth diapers…

And… is doing a cloth diaper survey!  Click HERE to vote for your favorite cloth diaper!

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