Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Coconut Oil

I have posted before about different options for rash cream with cloth diapers.  While you can use a liner with commercial rash creams sold in the stores, you still run the risk of harming your diapers (staining, build-up, and voided warranties).  However, there is a natural solution that is also very easy to use, and economically priced: coconut oil!

When Elaine developed a rash a few weeks ago I reached for the coconut oil first, mostly out of laziness.  I dreaded using a liner in every diaper.  Additionally, Elaine is learning words and she frequently asks for “keem” at every diaper change (rash or not).  So I got in the habit of just smearing some coconut oil on her (and Nolan) at every change.  She’s happy, it’s easy, and my babies’ skin is protected.

Because coconut oil is all natural is easily rinses out of your diapers.  I never use a liner with the coconut oil, and I have not had any buildup or staining problems.

I purchased a large jar of organic coconut oil at my health food store for around $8.  We have not even made a dent in using it up!  It comes as a solid, but it liquefies quickly when exposed to heat (like the body heat in your fingers).  So I just rub my fingers in the jar and soon the solid oil is soft enough to spread easily in the diaper area.  As an added bonus, everything smells wonderful!

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Unknown said...

Coconut oil is AMAZING!! I love it and use it in cooking, cosmetics, on my baby's bum, etc.

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