Tuesday, December 14, 2010


KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAThis week my daughter finally outgrew her small sized FuzziBunz pocket diapers.  These six diapers were the beginning of my stash, and gifts from family and friends at my baby shower.  I think I got a lot of “mileage” out of them.  At 13 months, my daughter is a skinny 18.5 pounds.  So these six FuzziBunz are retired…until June or July when the next baby arrives.

I still have a colorful stash of pocket diapers, as you can see from the picture below.  I have FuzziBunz One Size and medium Perfect Size diapers.  I have bumGenius 4.0 diapers with snaps, and Rumparooz G2 One Size Diapers.  I also have a Doopsy, a Knickernappies, a Kissaluvs, and a Happy Heinys.  And of course, I have dozens of prefolds!


The six diapers that are now safely tucked away awaiting baby #2’s arrival were nearly enough for a whole day of cloth diapering.  In their absence we will be returning to prefolds and Flip One Size diaper covers.  The majority of our diaper stash which we purchased consists of prefolds and covers.  After all, we started using cloth diapers to save money, and stocking up on prefolds and covers is probably the most economical way to do cloth diapers!

I don’t mind using prefolds.  They are not quite as easy and convenientKONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA as pocket diapers, but there is something nice about their simplicity.  My prefolds are a little “crunchy” because I don’t have a dryer.  Sometimes I just like the soft polar fleece in my pocket diapers.  But prefolds have been around for a long time – they are definitely tried and true!

How about you?  What kind of diapers make up the majority of your stash?  Were they gifts, or purchased by you?  What factors influenced your decision to go with that type of diaper?


Anonymous said...

I started out using thirsties covers and prefolds and when the babe was a month old I went with 12 bumgenius OS and then went to 24 of them. I purchased these. I have retired these until our next baby. The Aplix was getting worn.

Random.org has been great to me this year. Now, we use FuzziBunz PS Mediums, Rumparooz, Bumgenius 4.0 in Snaps, Babykicks 2g, Bummis Easy Fit and Pocket Tots, GoGreen Pocket Diaper, Pixie Poppits, ittybittybums, Lollidoo Overnight EcoPockets, Bootyful Baby Boutique AI2, Softbums, and then a Cow Patties Fitted and a Little Comfort Fitted. (most of these I won or bought with gift cards..there are a few I actually purchased).

Usually, I prefer easy to use diapers--I don't use my fitted diapers except at night because they require a cover and that's an extra step. All my other diapers are pretty easy to use.

Jenn said...

I love this post! :) I'm expecting baby number #2 (a girl!) due in early May. I have a few small FB waiting for her and 4 size 1 Applecheeks pockets, too. I can't wait to use them! I plan to buy (or maybe recieve as a gift?) several prefolds and a few small covers for her too.

My son, now 23 mths, wears mostly pockets (bG 4.0's and FB and I also have a few misc. Applecheeks, Thirsties, Babykicks, RumpaRooz, etc). However, I do like the prefolds and covers for him, too. You're right..there is something about the simplicity of it that is nice :) We use prefolds trifolded in the boy fold in a cover. I love Flip covers and I also have a couple Thirsties covers.

I'm very excited to cloth diaper a newborn and experience that process. We didn't switch to CD's with my son until he was 16 mths old and I wish we would have started months before!

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