Monday, December 20, 2010

Diaper Covers Compared

I have recently returned to using prefolds after my daughter outgrew several of our sized pocket diapers.  I have several different brands of diaper covers in my stash.  Now that I am using them more, I have definite favorites and preferences.  Here is my personal take on several major diaper cover brands.

Bummis Super Snap Wrap supersnap-new-photo_bmprd_lf
sized diaper cover, newborn to large, 7-40 pounds

This cover feels very durable because of the thickness of the PUL.  I only use snapping diapers, and this cover only comes in white with a snap closure.  I do wish I could get more of the fun prints but still stick with snaps!  The quality is great, I have had no leaks or explosions that I can recall, and it washes well.  The downside to this cover is that it is sized as opposed to one size.  However, the newborn size is really great for a tiny baby.  A one size cover may not fit a newborn right away.

This was definitely my favorite newborn sized cover.  The small size also fit Elaine very well.  Now that she has outgrown the small, the medium seems a little too big in the rise, allowing the diaper to move around a lot.  If I use a Snappi fastener, this works great.

Kissaluvs Marvels One Size Cover marvels_aio_cover-chocolate150
for babies 8-40 pounds

I won this cover in a giveaway.  It is not very high on my list of favorites.  I do like the double leg gussets and the overlapping waist snaps.  It features a snap down rise with three snap settings.  It was always a little big on a small baby, even though it is a one size cover.  I could only use it on Elaine as an infant if she was wearing a bulky fitted diaper for bedtime.  I only recently pulled it out of my drawer to begin using again.  I also find it a drawback that this cover only comes in five solid colors.  The cute factor is a big factor for me!

Thirsties Duo Wrap Elaine 10 months with Samson in cradle
two sizes, 6-18 pounds, and 18-40 pounds

I really wanted to like this diaper cover.  I was excited when Thirsties finally became available in snap closures, and they also added several fun prints to their line.  The Duo Wrap system seemed like a great idea – to truly fit a newborn through potty training there are two sizes of cover, but each features three sizes using a snap-down rise.

I love the gussets on the Thirsties cover.  It is also made of durable PUL, though it is thin and flexible as opposed to the stiffness of the Bummis.  However, this cover has given me no end of frustration and grief!  I purchased the size 2 for Elaine although she was not quite 18 pounds.  Yet the rise snaps do not stay fastened.  When I am pulling the cover between her legs to fasten it, they always pop.  I try to snap them after the diaper is fastened, but then it is difficult.  I don’t know if I just got a bad cover, or if the snaps they use are not strong enough.  Elaine is definitely not ready for the next rise setting, so it is not a problem of being too tight.  It’s really too bad because the cover is so adorable!  (I have the Warm Stripes).

Flip One Size Diaper Cover 
for babies 7-35 pounds

This is it – my number one, absolute favorite diaper cover!  The Flip came out near the same time as Elaine’s birth.  The covers fit very well from the beginning (she was 7 pounds at birth).  She is still wearing them now, and we have four of this cover in our stash.

I primarily use the Flip diaper cover with prefold diapers.  When Elaine was smaller we always used a Snappi fastener to help contain the runny breast milk poo better.  Now that she is older, I just tri-fold the prefold and lay it in the cover, and then fasten the cover on Elaine. 

Prefold diaper trifolded in coverThis is an example of a tri-folded prefold; this is a Thirsties diaper cover

flip-baby-zinnia200The Flip diaper cover features three size settings with snap-down rise.  The stretchy tabs help ensure a great fit each time, and I really like the two rows of vertical snaps.  I feel like this holds the diaper more securely than a single row of snaps.

The Flip cover can be used with Flip Stay-Dry or Organic Cotton inserts.  I was not a fan of the inserts when Elaine was little, but they are great now.  The stay-dry insert is basically a microfiber insert with micro-suede topping to keep baby dry.  The Organic Cotton is an oh-so-soft large prefold that can be folded several different ways depending on the size you need.  There are also disposable inserts. I plan to go disposable on our next air travel trip.


How about you?  What is your favorite diaper cover?  Do you go for snaps or Aplix?  I would love to try wool, and also the GroVia system as I have heard great things about those two covers also.


April G said...

I've actually been a big fan of the Thirsties Duo covers (using them for two months now), but I sometimes have that same issue with the snaps for the rise setting popping out as I'm trying to fasten the diaper on a baby. I'm also discovering that my son will soon outgrow the rise on the size 1s! He's two and a half months old and about 13 1/2 lbs, but already he's on the last rise setting and it's getting a little low on him.

I have three Blueberry one-size covers that I'm also a fan of, but only for my chunky son. They're too big for his petite twin sister, who is 11 lbs and has the skinniest thighs.

Sarala said...

I have the same problem with my Thirsties cover! I thought I just didn't snap them tight enough, but maybe it is just that its not a real strong snap. I really wanted to love it too, but MUCH prefer the one Flip I have. The one row of snaps on the Thirsties just doesn't make for smooth fit.
I'm trying to make my own covers out of some fleece I got at a garage sale, but so far have only gotten around to making a pull up that's too small. :)
I have 2 velcro Thirsties covers as well. The velcro seems flimsy, but it always holds. I don't care for the fit on my 15 month old, but it seems to work on my 3 yr old when I'm in a pinch.

Jenn said...

I'm so glad you posted this post! I'm searching for new covers for baby #2 due in May. I love my Flip covers, too, with my son, but was going to try out a Kissaluvs and now I think I'll skip out. I have two Thirsties covers as well, both size 2 (one snap and one velcro). I like them but agree that the rise is low. Between the two, I prefer the velcro one b/c it doesn't sag as much. This is kind of a shock because I do not usually like velcro closure diapers! I did win a Real Nappies cover, and while it's velcro closure too (and only comes in WHITE..ugh), it is very well made and works awesome. It's just basic though...nothing cute about it! It is also a sized cover.
Overall, I think I've decided I'm going to get more Flip covers...they are making them in Clementine now so that's on my list!! :)

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