Saturday, September 11, 2010

I’m Obsessed…with cloth diapers!

The Today Show with cloth diapers I know.  It’s weird.  But I am.  Obsessed I mean.  With cloth diapers.  Want me to prove it? 

On July 8th, Elaine & I arrived at the subway station at 5:05 a.m. (yes…that is 5 in the morning) headed for Manhattan.  We were joining Jenn from Cotton Babies and a group of cloth diapering mommies convening on Rockefeller Plaza during NBC’s The Today Show.  Jenn is the creator of the bumGenius! cloth diaper line, so all The Today Show with cloth diapersof our babies were wearing bumGenius! diapers.  To say thanks for showing up and supporting cloth diapers, Jenn gave each one of us a  t-shirt and the all new 4.0 bumGenius! diaper with snaps.  This was very exciting to me for several reasons.  First, I love free stuff, especially cloth diapers!  This diaper is not yet available for purchase, so I get to try it first.  I have not been a huge bumGenius! fan in the past because they have only had velcro closures on their diapers.  I prefer snaps, so I am very glad that bumGenius! has included this feature in the new diaper.

The Today Show with cloth diapers 

I also met up with Bryana Guckin from Diaper Junction.  This was my local cloth diapering store in Virginia Beach.  Bryana and her staff explained the modern cloth diapering options to me when I was pregnant with Elaine and inspired me to set up a registry.  Since then Diaper Junction has closed their retail store and become online only.  Bryana drove from Virginia Beach to take part in the morning’s activities.  

The Today Show with cloth diapersElaine & I with Bryana’s sister & her 10 week old Lydia 

Elaine and I didn’t make it on TV, but we had a blast anyway!  The biggest clusterThe Today Show with cloth diapers of cloth diapering moms were featured during one of the camera shots around the plaza.  The camera panned the audience a couple of times and came close to us, but alas it wasn’t meant to be!  However, one of the anchors for the Today Show, Ann Curry, came out to greet the crowd during a commercial break.  Elaine just reached her arms out and gave Ann a big hug!  It really surprised me!  Elaine was mesmerized by the balloon of the person next to us.  She tried to steal it so many times that the nice lady finally gave it Elaine! 

When the crowd began dissipated we also headed for home.  I was grateful for some very kind gentlemen who helped me with the stroller up and down the subway steps.  It was a lovely morning.

The Today Show with cloth diapersElaine & I at The Today Show

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jenn0350 said...

I <3 it!!! What a super idea!!! Way to go! Did you get any camera love??

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