Monday, September 27, 2010

Flip One Size Diaper Cover Review

guest post by Carrissa Stalcup

Just to warn everyone, I am totally bias.  I was doing the old way of cloth diapering when I saw the new one size fits all pocket diapers.  I thought to myself "Wouldn't it be easier on the pocketbook to have a one size fits all diaper COVER for my old cheap diapers.  What do you know, they had it already!  


The Flip is even better than I img_0199thought it would be, and I expected perfection. We did not have to spend as much to get pocket diapers right away.  My ideal stash is 4-6 Flip covers, 20-30 one-ply cloth diapers, and 6-8 FuzziBunz.  The Flip cover makes it cheaper to have 30 diapers ready to be used than if I bought 30 pocket diapers.  So we use the Flip at home and when Mama or Papa takes the kids out, but in church nursery, babysitters, etc. we use pocket diapers.  So the Flip wins on the home front. 


My son is a month and a half old and a little under 12lbs and the Flip cover fits him just as perfectly as they fit my nearly 28lbs 20 month old daughter.  Because img_0230the tabs are stretchy, the legs are able to fit even better than a plain snap diaper.  He is not on the smallest setting, so I look forward to using them on a newborn, because I believe they would fit well.


My daughter is a heavy wetter at night and leaks through her diapers, cloth or disposable, rubber pants or pocket diapers.  My son was leaking through some of his pocket diapers at night no matter what I did.  Since I have been using the Flip cover we have had no leaks whatsoever!    


No pins!  Some moms use the Snappi to protect the cover.  We just fold a diaper and lay it in the cover, and snap the cover on. 


img_0243We can use prefolds, one-ply, or the Flip insert.  Some moms use the G-diaper inserts with the Flip cover.  Ebay sells hemp inserts that I have considered buying.  Basically, a mom can customized the absorbency, trimness, wicking power or whatever is important to her. 


Flip has several cool colors, but no prints.  I have noticed that is important to lots of moms.  if prints are important, they would go well with the leg covers bumGenius sells .  I wish they would come out with a nice chocolate brown since I use them for boy and girl and I refuse to buy non fun colors like white.

I hope this review has helped in your diaper shopping!


Carrissa is the mom of two beautiful children.  She resides in Gastonia, North Carolina. She began cloth diapering because she had no money to buy disposables.  “My Grama had given me the prefolds, rubber pants and pins in case I ever ran out of diapers.  Well, I did and I hated it.  The rubber pants  were gross and they got holes in them and leaked.  I still had to use disposables when we went out, and for baby sitters and for nap and for night.  After reading a lot about the modern cloth diapers and seeing some of my friends do it all the time, I started doing research. If I had my choice, I would have started cloth diapering with Flips and not used any disposables. Full time cloth diapering has saved me so much money!  My hubby has seen how much we save and does not mind me expanding our ‘stash.’”

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