Thursday, September 30, 2010

Go Coverless!

Elaine10monthsinprefolddiapercoverlessElaine’s diet is constantly changing lately as she adds new food and eats more solids.  This change affects her pee, and it brought on her first ever diaper rash last week.  I’m pretty sure it is her changing diet.  We use the same diapers, same detergent, and same wipe solution as always.  The new foods are the only change!  One rash in ten months…that’s pretty impressive!

So…how to clear up the rash?  We all know that rash creams are a big no-no when it comes to cloth diapers.  They can cause build-up on your diapers, leading to leaking issues.  I did use some cream at night, but always with a liner!

I knew that Elaine needed some more airflow, but I was afraid to let her go naked.  When she was a little baby she enjoyed a lot of naked time.  But it was much safer back then…she couldn’t roll or crawl or walk.  So I just placed a prefold underneath her, and added a changing pad underneath the diaper to protect my carpet…just in case.  Elaine10monthsinprefolddiapercoverless_0002

Nope.  Naked time is definitely not an option!  I would have wet spots all over the house…she doesn’t stay in one spot for long!  My solution?  I let Elaine go coverless!  I   remember reading a post from another cloth diapering mommy who let her babies romp around with no diaper cover.  I decided to give it a try!

I put Elaine in a prefold with a Snappi fastener.  We only use PUL covers which are not a breathable as a wool cover.  Without the cover, her cotton prefold was very breathable and allowed a lot of airflow.  I fastened the diaper a little loose around the legs to further aid the airflow.  We did this for a couple of hours each day, for a couple of days.  No more rash!

Now I should warn you…you will have to keep on top of diaper changes when your baby is going coverless!  When I picked her up and felt dampness, we headed to the changing table.  This also meant that we zipped through our stash a little faster than normal, so I had to wash sooner than expected.


As you can see, she thoroughly enjoyed the experience!


How do you handle diaper rash?  Leave a comment!

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Emily said...

I needed this post today! Anna had a long night. I discovered around 4 am that she had a horrible diaper rash. It is probably from her diet changing too. I put her in cloth today and used diaper cream. I just put a piece of paper towel between her and the diaper. It keeps the cream on her and not on the diaper. I've also been changing her A LOT! It may seem a little strange, but it seems to be working. Thanks for the tip on going coverless. I'll have to try it that way.

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