Saturday, September 25, 2010

Ask the Readers: Front Loading Washers


bgdiapers A friend of mine has a two month old little guy and she is starting to experience some stink with her diapers.  She is not having leaking trouble, just smelly diapers.  When she walks into the room, she gets hit with the diaper pail odor.

As we discussed the issue, I learned that she has a front loading washing machine.  I have never had a front loader, so I don’t have any personal experience or expertise to share with my friend.

I recommended an extra pre-rinse, an occasional “rock the soak” with Rockin’ Green, and some vinegar in the wash.

From my readers who regularly use front loading machines, what advice do you have to offer?  What do you do to ensure your diapers are rinsed well enough and stay stinky-free?

Please leave a comment with your experiences to help out this new cloth diapering mama!  My friend uses mostly prefolds and FuzziBunz pocket diapers.


melanemac said...

We are just now in month 2 of cd'ing and have a front loader. After searching around with others I have determined that I can't actually "soak" in my front doesn't have that option. So someone suggested doing a soak in the tub every month or two...I'm going to use my jetted tub to "agitate" every so often. As for the wash, I have an LG and use the Sanitary setting with pre-wash, extra rinse and "water plus" to add extra water.

Amylynn said...

I use the "water plus" feature and do an extra rinse every time I wash.
I saw one youtube video where the lady actually pours a pitcher of water into the rinse cycle. She didn't have the "water plus" feature.

Mama Bee said...

I ditto the RnG soak. I switched to RnG when I bought my front loader just a couple of weeks ago and our stink is gone! I did a heavy rock overnight soak on all of our inserts and diapers over the course of a couple of days to start fresh. Even though I don't have hard water, I now do a light rock soak each wash for about 2 hours. I think that I will probably do a hard rock soak 1x a month just to stay on top of it.

Mama Bee said...

Oh, regarding the not being able to soak in the front loader. If you hit the pause button as soon as the washer quits filling, it will soak. You only have to wait about 15-30 seconds from the time you hit start until the washer's filled. The CDs will be saturated enough to work as a soak. Though the tub is a great idea. I saw someone's blog the other day where she rocked a soak on her bed comforter in the tub.

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