Monday, July 30, 2012

Baby Wearing Elaine

I am not an always-baby-wearing mommy.  And Nolan is not really into it either…he is over one now.  He is all boy. And he likes to move around.  But there are times when I don the Kozy Carrier and head out into the City. 

It usually involves a train ride.  Without my husband, I can’t get both kids and the double stroller down the subway steps alone.  There are often kind people who offer to help me, but I like to be prepared just in case.  In times like these, I wear one kiddo on my back, and carry the other down the train steps in the umbrella stroller.  It’s a win-win solution.

The last few expeditions have brought begging from Elaine to be the kiddo on my back.  Last time she fell asleep there on the train ride home.  And she also begged me for a “little tie” {the Kozy is a Mei Tei carrier, so it ties on} for her Betsy.

I didn’t have the money to buy a Kiddie Kozy, or the time to wait for it.  {Elaine is a little demanding sometimes…and every once in a while I give in}.  What’s a mommy to do?  Pull out the sewing machine, and get creative, of course!

I just laid out my Kozy Carrier and eyeballed a smaller scale version, testing the strap lengths on Elaine to make sure they were neither too short nor too long.  I used the fabric scraps from our matching dress/skirt which I made for Mother’s Day this year.

Here’s the finished product.  I made this last Tuesday.  She basically has only taken it off to eat, sleep, and bathe.  All other times find her wearing Betsy and her “little tie.”  If I’m not careful, she’ll be asking me to create a twins carrier, so Sally can ride in it too!  It was pretty quick and easy to do, considering I didn’t have a pattern and my serger was acting up.  I may even attempt one for a little girl’s birthday coming up…

Elaine's Mei Tei for Betsy

Elaine's Mei Tei for Betsy

Elaine's Mei Tei for Betsy

Elaine's Mei Tei for Betsy


Brandi Elam said...

So cute! Looks like it fits her well!

Anonymous said...

Adorable! Ohhhh I wish I had a little girl =D

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