Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Baby Comfy Nose

My kids were sick back in May.  I could hear the congestion in Nolan as he tried to nurse, and he had to stop every couple of sucks to get a breath.  My hospital nasal aspirator wasn’t getting anything out.  I remembered that I had read about the Nose Frida a while back.  But the thought of using my own mouth to suck snot out of my kids’ nose was a little revolting.  Yet in desperation I looked up nasal aspirators online.

I found the Nose Frida, along with an aspirator called the Baby Comfy NoseAfter reading a lot of reviews, I settled on the Baby Comfy Nose.  There is one store in my area that had it in stock, so I loaded my sick kids into the stroller, onto the bus, and then the train to go and purchase it.  I am so glad I did!


There are many reasons why I chose the BCN over the Nose Frida.  First, there are no filters to purchase and replace.  The BCN uses an ordinary facial tissue as the filter. This is more porous than the rubber filter of the Nose Frida, therefore it is more absorbent.  It is also cheap and easily replaced.

The Baby Comfy Nose also comes in a pouch that allows it to dry completely after washing, as opposed to the Nose Frida case which does not.  The BCN is also more economically priced.


Once you get past the thought that you are sucking snot out of your kids’ nose, you will greatly appreciate the Baby Comfy Nose.  It is easy to use, and you can see & hear how much mucous is leaving the nasal passages.  Human lungs generate 10x as much suction power as a battery operated aspirator, so the BCN is much more effective.

When you’re done, just discard the tissue and rinse the BCN clean.  Allow it to air dry.  It is so easy!

I used this on my 10 month old and my 2 1/2 year old.  Neither one enjoyed it, but they didn’t like the hospital bulb aspirator either.  My little girl actually came to me several times and asked me to suck out her nose.  I know it’s because she could tell the difference – she could actually breathe again after I used the BCN to clear out the snot!

I would highly recommend this product and I don’t think any parents of infants or toddlers should be without one.  I’ll probably be giving it as baby shower gifts from now on!

Disclosure – I was not paid or compensated in any way to write this post.  I purchased the product and all opinions are completely mine.

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