Monday, July 11, 2011

Winners…Surprise Delivery Event

Surprise Delivery Button JPG

:: Guess My Baby’s Gender: (ended June 30th)

Of the 38 people who correctly guessed that we were having a boy, the winner is…
Entry #18, Bridgett Z
(view the entries here)

:: Nursing Cover Giveaway: (ended June 30th)

Winner: Entry #32, Katie S
(view the entries here)

:: Rockin’ Green Giveaway: (ended July 1st)

1st winner: Entry 203, Serena
2nd winner: Entry 7, Vashti McMurray
(View the entries here)

:: TEA Collection Giveaway (ended July 4th)

Winner: Entry #43, Sarah (mummytocharis@…)
(view the entries here)

:: Eco Nuts Giveaway: (ended July 6th)

Winner: Entry #46, Hillary Wenrich
New Winner: Entry #54, Janelle Prentice
(view the entries here)

:: Marine Parents Giveaway: (ended July 8th)

Winner: Entry #22, Angela H.
(view the entries here)

:: Facebook 1000 Fans Giveaway: (ended July 10th)

Winner: Entry #12, Belle Windham
(view the entries here)

1 comment:

Katie S said...

Thank you!! I didn't have a nursing cover with my last child and always wished I did! Thanks!

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