Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Rumparooz One Size Diaper Review (on a newborn)

The Rumparooz one size diaper is designed to fit babies from 6-35+ pounds.  It has four size settings that can be adjusted with rise snaps on the front of the diaper.  The 6R soaker has six unique settings to fit a newborn, boy, girl, or heavy wetter. 

Rumparooz Updated Diagram - Copy

I was not introduced to Rumparooz diapers until Elaine was several months old.  I did not have the opportunity to test the Rumparooz on a small baby…until now!  I was curious to see how well this diaper would fit a newborn.  It still seems amazing to me that there can be one diaper which will fit such a wide range of sizes!  I wondered…will it be incredibly bulky on my little baby?

I was not disappointed!  My son was just over 7 lbs. when we left the hospital.  The Rumparooz diaper was one of the first I used on him.  (I have been hoping for a son…I really, really wanted a Ladder 6 print Rumparooz!)  I adjusted the rise to the smallest setting, and I used only the newborn portion of the 6R soaker.  The newborn insert is contoured between the legs to help reduce the bulkiness on a little baby.

Nolan 11 Days Rumparooz One Size Diaper(Nolan didn’t really want to have his picture taken…he is 11 days old here)

The diaper fit great.  Really, any cloth diaper is going to seem just a bit bulky on such a little baby.  The Rumparooz did not seem abnormally huge or incredibly bulky on Nolan. 

I did try an aplix closure, though I typically avoid hook & loop like the plague.  The stickiness of the tabs is great, and they actually stay on the laundry tabs in the wash.  I still prefer snaps, however, and I am able to get a good fit on Nolan with snaps.


I have been testing several diapers on Nolan, and I really prefer the Rumparooz because of the inner gussets.  The runny, breast-fed, newborn poop can be so explosive, but I haven’t had it escape out the Rumparooz gussets as of yet. 


The only problem I have encountered is that Nolan seems to be quite the wetter.  Seriously…he can completely (and I mean completely) soak a prefold diaper in an hour or two.  He is a frequent wetter, and he wets a lot!  The 6R newborn insert only has two layers of microfiber.  Nolan really needed something more.  I didn’t want to use the regular portion of the 6R soaker simply because of the length.  It would have been very bulky.

I opted for the FuzziBunz small sized microfiber inserts.  They have four absorbent layers, but are short enough to use on the Rumparooz newborn setting.  This solution has worked well for us, especially at night when Nolan can sleep five hours.

I would definitely recommend the Rumparooz one size diaper for newborn use.  It’s easy to use, contains newborn poo exceptionally well, and it will grow with your baby. 


Brittany H said...

This is good to know! Thanks for pictures too, I love seeing how they fit on little babies. I'm excited to use mine!

Jill said...

finally! someone taking the time to write an actual review of how a one size diaper fits on a newborn! thank you, thank you, thank you, I am pulling my RaR to the top bin for when my baby is born in 4 weeks or less!

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