Friday, February 11, 2011

We use 100% cloth!

100Our family has chosen to take the plunge in cloth diapering.  We use only cloth, 100% of the time.  We use them at home, we use them on the go, we use them when we travel, and we use them for nighttimes.  The last disposable diaper that was in our home was over a year ago, and it was given to us by someone who meant well.

It’s really not hard to take your cloth diapers with you when you leave home.  You’re going to need diapers one way or the other, right?  Be sure to pack your wet bag so that you have a place to store the dirty diaper until you arrive home.  I carry a Planet Wise medium wet bag in my diaper bag.  It’s nice and roomy, just in case we are gone for an extended period of time.  If we’re traveling, I pack my large hanging Planet Wise wet bag to use as a diaper pail.

We even use cloth wipes.  We use them at home.  We use them on the go.  I know that some people still choose to take their disposable wipes with them when they leave home.  I always roll the wipe inside the diaper, and habits die hard.  So…if I use disposable wipes, they end up going through my laundry.  Since I pre-moisten my wipes, it is just as easy to use.  I store my on-the-go wipes in a small Planet Wise wet bag.  I pre-moisten my wipes at home.  Before packing them in the wet bag I wring out any excess liquid, to be sure I don’t have leaks in my diaper bag.

I always bring a changing pad with me when we leave home.  If you have to use a public restroom to change your baby you will want to leave all of the germs there, and not transfer them to your baby.  If you have to change your little one in the car, the changing pad protects the upholstery of your vehicle from any “messes.”

I have changed diapers in many places.  The car, the restaurant, the public restroom, an airplane, and even in the stroller when nothing else was available!  (And it was an umbrella stroller…not one of those that folds into a flat bed).  You can use cloth diapers no matter where you are – it just takes a little extra planning.


Unknown said...

We have been 100% cloth for a little over 2 years now. I even took my cloth diapers to the hospital for baby #2! I used mama cloth there for the first time too. No disposables for either of us! :o)

Unknown said...

we are almost 100% cloth in our whole house for everything now. it seemed like crazy a couple years ago but now it's just the norm! we love it!

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