Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Packing the Diaper Bag for Two Kiddos

Since I have two kids in diapers, my diaper bag is often quite full.  I am a firm believer in the “peace diaper” – that extra diaper that you throw in to give you peace of mind, knowing that you are covered for any “what-ifs” that may arise.

We walk to many of our destinations here in Brooklyn, and often our outing are just a quick trip to the corner grocer, or a stop to mail out your diaper orders at the Post Office.  I am often tempted to leave my diaper bag behind.  After all, I am only going to be gone a minute!

I usually end up lugging the diaper bag anyway, and several times recently I have been so glad that I did!  Surprisingly, it was not my infant that had the surprise need for an unexpected diaper change.  It was my toddler. 

RobotronicsElaine has been very picky about having her diaper changed the minute after she soils it.  {For this reason we are gearing up to give potty training another go}.  This has led to more frequent diaper changes when out-and-about than Mommy is prepared for.

I have found it very helpful to pack Rumparooz diapers in my diaper bag.  The size setting is easy to change with a quick snap on the front.  Several times recently I have had to snatch one of Nolan’s diapers to use on Elaine.  I was so glad I had the Rumparooz with me, so that adjusting the diaper to fit Elaine was a breeze!  And more than once, Elaine has come home wearing “Robotronics” or “Ladder 6” under her pink dress!

Packing my Rumparooz has allowed me to have the “peace diaper” in case Elaine needs an unexpected change.  It also makes the change fast and easy, which is so important when you are away from home!  I can also say with confidence that when you are diapering more than one kiddo, one size diapers are the versatile, budget-friendly way to go!

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Brandi Elam said...

Now that's something you can't do with disposables...change the size setting when big sister needs to borrow little brother's diaper!

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