Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Comparison: One Size Diapers on a Newborn and Toddler

I had a request for a picture showing my daughter and son wearing the same one size diaper.  For comparison purposes, here are the stats:

  • Elaine is 21 months old, tall and skinny, and about 21 pounds.  She is wearing the Rumparooz on the largest rise setting.  (She was kind of in between rise settings, so we recently went ahead and sized her up).
  • Nolan is 1 month old, has skinny thighs, and is between 10-11 pounds.  He is wearing the Rumparooz on the smallest rise setting, but he is close to being sized up as well.
  • They are both wearing the Gumball print.  Elaine is wearing snap closures and Nolan is wearing the Aplix closure.  With all of the Gumball pictures recently, can anyone guess my favorite print???





I told Elaine to show her belly button so you could see the rise.  She thought that was hilarious!


Rishel said...

They are adorable!

Lindsey said...

My baby girl just started wearing OS. She is 10 weeks old. They fit her fine (and could have worked up until now as well). I just hate how bulky they are on her. Lol Guess that's the price you pay to save a little money!! =)

Shaky Mommy said...

LOL. You told me your favorite print was Gumball, after I told you it was my favorite print. For some reason I thought that you were just being nice or that maybe it was just your favorite Rumparooz print. But the other day after I saw all the pictures of your kids wearing Gumballs I realized that it really is your favorite print! LOL :)

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